While spiders usually don’t scare me today was different. I was taking a shower when I turned to get some shampoo and saw a visitor was easing down from the ceiling. I looked at spider and admired the size, since this was the first time I had seen a spider of this size, especially this close and not on its web. I am able to identify the two types of spiders that can hurt you back, but this isn’t Tennessee and I had no idea if this spider would very friendly climb over things or watch me with an evil grin while its toxin shuts down my body’s ability to pump blood through my veins. I choose to err on the side of caution. In the most gingerly of ways I went to go get a rolled up towel so that we could play catch. When I came back the spider was not up on the rules of catch and tried to advance, I can only guess to get the ball. I backed up in a quick manner only because I was ready to get on with the game. I threw the makeshift ball to spider and he moved, maybe still unaware of the rules of catch or I may have thrown it harder than spider was used to. He hid behind the washing machine for awhile and I waited for him to get ready again to play. He reemerged and began heading towards the door but he looked like he was ready to play again. He tried to catch the ball this time but unfortunately while he did catch it I may have thrown it too hard and spider did not survive. RIP spider, we spent some special time together, but you will not be missed.

(with leg span it was about the size of my palm)