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And here is the second and final installment of the pictures taken this summer. These links include the Buddhist Mask Dancing Festival and the horse race that took place the day after in the temple that is down the mud trail from Ba Mei

Links for your viewing pleasure: Buddhist Mask Festival 雪顿节 Horse Race 赛马节

Her are the links to the pictures from this summer’s trip in the Tibetan part of western Sichuan…

 Tagong 塔公 Ganze 甘孜 Dege 德格 BaMei 八美镇

More to come later.

Last week I went to Chengdu and since I had taken pictures of the pandas earlier in the day I decided that I wanted to take a nap and then would be ready for another set of shooting and I should since I wanted to make the most of my money, I’m kinda cheap. So around 1930 I went to the Sichuan Opera and had to buy a seat even though I never once sat down once the hour long show began, I asked if I had to buy a ticket if I wasn’t going to use the seat. I got a lot of great shots but I only posted some of the 550 I have from the night: Sichuan Opera 川剧

Last week I went to the Panda Breeding Center during one of the only sunny days that central Sichuan has had in the last few weeks. Here are some of the pictures that I took: Panda Breeding Center 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地

I went this past weekend to Chengdu and mid-trip decided to pop down to Leshan to see the GIANT Buddha that was carved into the mountain. Here are the best of the pictures I took: Giant Buddha 乐山大佛