I am usually not too proud of my Chinese but I thought I write this anyway. My graduate program sent every student to China for “internships” and two of my teachers were native Mandarin speakers, with great English as well. One of them is from Sichuan, the province I currently live in. While she was working for the university she made a trip out to the PRC, while work was in Shanghai her parents are still in Sichuan. As any good child would she visited her parents in Sichuan, which I found out through a popular social website’s news feed. I thought I would try and contact her since I did enjoy her class while I was in it. I left my number and while we are most likely not going to be able to meet it was nice to talk to her. She called me and began speaking Chinese, I did not have her China number and thought it very strange that someone was calling me asking if i was still in Mianyang and which school I was working at. I finally stopped to think and asked who she was and behold it was my teach. While I’m sure she would’ve spoken English to me I’m glad she didn’t because it forced me to speak in length using Chinese, which I had not done a a few months. I was most impressed that I was able to understand about 75% of everything she was saying and she seemed to understand my broken Chinese, it really isn’t very good. But since this is my blog and I get to write anything I want I am writing this to toot my own horn.