During an afternoon hike up into the mountains above Zhaoxing we stumbled upon a small village which just by chance was burying one of their dead. We found this funeral by hearing music coming from the other side of the village and running down one hill and up another to find a long procession of people all wearing white cloth wrapped around their heads. We stood around and only took a few pictures, since it was a funeral. They local Dong people welcomed us for the most part, one lady got upset that we were taking any pictures, they offered us cigarettes and once the coffin had been placed in the ground invited us to a home for a late lunch. The lunch consisted of pig fat, sometimes with the hair still on the skin, a few vegetables, hot sauce, and LOTS of home brewed rice wine (米酒). A few good things I can say about the rice wine is that the walk back the mountain felt very quick, it tasted pretty good, and it is a chance to experience local folk art.

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