So the school I work for Tian Fu College, soon to open a joint venture with a university in Missouri, has the foreign teachers ride bicycles from one campus to the other, which are about 2.5 km away from each other and there is talk of a mystical bus appearing but no signs of it yet. Another option to riding a bicycle is taking a san lun che (like a tuk-tuk form Thailand) for anywhere from 6 to 10 yuan one way, this really isn’t an option for the cheap and those who like living since these things can be very dangerous. So the school has bought several bikes for the teachers to ride however these bikes were made for children not my 95 kg behind. I have been riding them to and from the other campus in hopes that this helps me get some exercise and the fact that I am too cheap to pay for the tuk-tuk. I also had one fall over on top of me the other week because the driver turned his head and then turned his entire body to look behind him at someone speaking. Well today the 27th of September I rode my borrowed bike to the other campus as usual and had class as usual but when I came out to go home the bike was missing…I looked around and at all the other bikes parked NEXT TO THE GUARD SHACK that was occupied by two guards and a small boy. The bike that I had used and locked up next to the guard shack wasn’t there. As I was looking around one of the guards came out to help me find the bike I had used I told him, in Mandarin, which number bike I was looking for and he asked was it this one or this one and I repeated the number. He then asked to see my key to make sure I had the correct number, which I did. No one could find the bike, but they did offer me another bike but was speaking horrible Mandarin or a completely different language, I couldn’t understand it so I’m not sure.  The process of getting a new bike took ten minutes; all I really needed to do was fill out some information.

The most amazing part of this was the proximity to the guardhouse that was occupied by the two guards to the bicycle that went missing…You have to wonder what the guys are doing and why the school would pay them for it? Oh China, you truly are a mystery.