Here is an email from the assistant to the Foreign Affairs Officer at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics:

I think you are not friendly to each officer here in our university.
I also think I will not give you recommendation letter if I can make whole decision.
I know that my collegues  gave your a nice recommendation letter only because u were such a trouble man.
In fact I have heard from students by myself about your teaching level and attitude.
I also know how rude are you when  you answer my invitation to the western and chinese cultural forum, in fact the CWCF thing is written in the contract.
You are also the rudest foreign teacher when I try to help you to find sb to clean your fridge.
I am glad to kick you out from the foreign teachers list.
You need not remind me at all.
We Chinese do like friendly atmosphere, howere, to some people, it is unneccessary. Moreover, we need you-mat-  rude American know how to handle the social relationship in China, or else, how about go back to America directly instead of forcing us to give you some good comment?
In fact, if you have any rude and acrimonious words or action again, no matter how small it is,  I will complain to the foreign expert bureau directly.
This email was in response to an email that I had sent earlier the day. Here is that email:
Please take me off this list of emails seeing as I no longer work for this university 

I am dumbfounded as to why my email warranted such a response, but apparently I don’t know how to handle the social relationship in China…