Ok, first of all taking the children back to the baby buyers is your best option???? I really find that hard to believe. I hear about so many couples wanting to adopt children from China and only want to love a child rather than are selective about gender, put them into that system. Where are the orphanages? I know they have them. Honestly, I think that the return of the children to the buyers is related to guanxi/kickback/I’m too lazy to do my job situation rather than this is the best situation for the kids. Though I do understand that this could be a result of overcrowding in orphanages, but the government likes to create jobs and building more would create more jobs.

“‘Buyers who treated the child well won’t face criminal punishment,’ a policeman involved in the case named Hao Yang told the newspaper. However, legal experts fear this policy could give the impression that buying children will not lead to punishment.”

This part of the article interesting and it seems as if the government sees this as a solution to the problem of unwanted children and/or some citizens’ poverty problems that the government doesn’t have to get involved with.

Children Returned to Buyers