On May 30th I received a new recommendation letter. While this recommendation was not as shining as I would have liked I did think it was fair. The most interesting thing about this letter was that I was completely unaware of any investigation. There was no classroom observation and I doubt the students were questioned about the complaint. As far as I know, which may not be the whole story, the new recommendation came about after I had voiced my concerns that someone, I was careful not to name names, made up the complaint and that I questioned the validity of the complaint. Also, appealing to the Chinese side in the way that this issue had been going for three weeks and that I would like this issue to be solved quickly since it had cause both sides a great deal of inconvenience. After I had that discussion with the teaching affairs liaison  in the early afternoon I received an email from  the foreign affairs liaison saying that I could pick up my new and better recommendation letter in two days…I’m still interested as to how this all went down but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on this one.