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Here is an email from the assistant to the Foreign Affairs Officer at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics:

I think you are not friendly to each officer here in our university.
I also think I will not give you recommendation letter if I can make whole decision.
I know that my collegues  gave your a nice recommendation letter only because u were such a trouble man.
In fact I have heard from students by myself about your teaching level and attitude.
I also know how rude are you when  you answer my invitation to the western and chinese cultural forum, in fact the CWCF thing is written in the contract.
You are also the rudest foreign teacher when I try to help you to find sb to clean your fridge.
I am glad to kick you out from the foreign teachers list.
You need not remind me at all.
We Chinese do like friendly atmosphere, howere, to some people, it is unneccessary. Moreover, we need you-mat-  rude American know how to handle the social relationship in China, or else, how about go back to America directly instead of forcing us to give you some good comment?
In fact, if you have any rude and acrimonious words or action again, no matter how small it is,  I will complain to the foreign expert bureau directly.
This email was in response to an email that I had sent earlier the day. Here is that email:
Please take me off this list of emails seeing as I no longer work for this university 

I am dumbfounded as to why my email warranted such a response, but apparently I don’t know how to handle the social relationship in China…

Ok, first of all taking the children back to the baby buyers is your best option???? I really find that hard to believe. I hear about so many couples wanting to adopt children from China and only want to love a child rather than are selective about gender, put them into that system. Where are the orphanages? I know they have them. Honestly, I think that the return of the children to the buyers is related to guanxi/kickback/I’m too lazy to do my job situation rather than this is the best situation for the kids. Though I do understand that this could be a result of overcrowding in orphanages, but the government likes to create jobs and building more would create more jobs.

“‘Buyers who treated the child well won’t face criminal punishment,’ a policeman involved in the case named Hao Yang told the newspaper. However, legal experts fear this policy could give the impression that buying children will not lead to punishment.”

This part of the article interesting and it seems as if the government sees this as a solution to the problem of unwanted children and/or some citizens’ poverty problems that the government doesn’t have to get involved with.

Children Returned to Buyers

Okay, so apparently China is going to be launching their aircraft carrier soon. Maybe being from the States I have been spoiled seeing our navy with big guns and big ships, but this thing looks tiny. While I don’t know much about the defensive capabilities of a carrier I do know how they can be used in offensive situations…the name of the ship will clue you into where I might be going with this. I find the video a bit funny because you have so many touch and go’s which probably means that for whatever reason the pilot was unable to catch one of the arrestor wires. To be honest I’m not worried about China’s new toy since I believe that more than anything China wants an aircraft carrier to gain “face” or respect more than to spur on a war that will interrupt KTV time for their War Ministry.
China’s First Aircraft Carrier

This quote I think pretty much sums up the event: “The speed of the sentence handed down no doubt underscored the government’s desire to placate the anger towards the Han Chinese majority.”
Han Truck Driver Sentenced to Death

I find this funny because if you replace sex shows with shopping trips then you have many incidents that you hear horror reports about here in China…Karma’s a bitch
Karma’s a Bitch

On May 30th I received a new recommendation letter. While this recommendation was not as shining as I would have liked I did think it was fair. The most interesting thing about this letter was that I was completely unaware of any investigation. There was no classroom observation and I doubt the students were questioned about the complaint. As far as I know, which may not be the whole story, the new recommendation came about after I had voiced my concerns that someone, I was careful not to name names, made up the complaint and that I questioned the validity of the complaint. Also, appealing to the Chinese side in the way that this issue had been going for three weeks and that I would like this issue to be solved quickly since it had cause both sides a great deal of inconvenience. After I had that discussion with the teaching affairs liaison  in the early afternoon I received an email from  the foreign affairs liaison saying that I could pick up my new and better recommendation letter in two days…I’m still interested as to how this all went down but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on this one.

After 15 times you can’t blame him of not having perseverance but when you take the same exam as your kid you can’t help but think there is a joke in there somewhere…
There is a joke in here somewhere

Another great quote from a well qualified Chinese leader:

“A parent asked me, what is education from a school’s perspective? I told them that in general terms, it’s to let students ‘sleep well today, so they don’t jump off a building tomorrow.'”

Chinese Educational Philosophy

Reporting in China

This article is from Al Jazeera about being a foreign reporter in China. Thought this piece was interesting and hope that no one ever sees me like this while I’m taking pictures, though it might mean that my pictures are going to be good ones…
Reporting in China

I love how the blame gets passed around in a very Chinese way in this article.

I Never Wanted Anything This Badly